Address: 10 Jalan Pisang, Singapore

Tel: +65 6293 6202

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 2.30pm (or till sold out)
S$5 – 6
Price Range:
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80% Recommended
5 votes
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    • Russ
    • Recommend.
    • I spent about S$7 Per Person
    • Food/Beverage: 7
    • Ambience: 5
    • Value: 6
    • Service: 7
    10 November, 2011
    Perhaps it is because I have been to Bismillah and found the Briyani fantastic there (albeit not cheap at $9 a pop). 

    Abak has been recommended by many and they were closed for a few weeks last month and today they were open ... here came my chance.

    The serving size is generous if a bit smaller than Bismillah.  The chicken briyani came with a whole leg and the mutton came with a decent mutton chop of about 150g.  The rice was fluffy, nicely coloured, not oily, long (quality) ... So far so good.  No raita here but some dhal gravy which means some localisation here.  The mutton was a little on the tough side.  The chicken was OK.  The rice, well it was authentic, but a little bland tasting.  It somehow did not have fragrance that a good dam briyani should have...

    Ambience was very spartan but clean.  $6.50 is OK price wise but no egg and papad here ($8 at Bismillah without egg and papad)/.


  2. Number of Reviews 5
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    • Food/Beverage: 8.2
    • Ambience: 5.5
    • Value: 7
    • Service: 3.9
    19 November, 2009
    This place is a gem for excellent biryani. They dont have anything else but Dum Biryani. They probably open only in the afternoons, sell the entire stock of biryani they have made for the day & close shop. You shouldnt be suprised to see a sign saying biryani sold out especially if they do not have any more to sell. Its a quiet place frequented by the locals who know of it & enjoy the food.

    The rice is good & flavourful. I would not add any dalcha to it but rather taste the rice & meat (chicken/mutton). They also do take aways.

    They are quite similar to Allaudin's Biryani in Tekka Market but much less oily.

    Come early to avoid risking no food.

    1. Hanis Hazirah but,whenever i drop by to pack the rice always finish...
      it happened many times..
      13 July 2010 23:26
    2. Binny Mathew The trick is to go earlier - they open probably 1145am onwards
      03 August 2010 17:55
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Abak Briyani Dam (Jalan Pisang)
80% Recommended
5 votes
Based on 2 filtered reviews
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