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    • joeyz
    • Not Recommended.
    • I spent about S$23 Per Person
    • Food/Beverage: 1
    • Ambience: na
    • Value: 1
    • Service: na
    17 July, 2012
    Heard so much of this Sugalight low calories ice cream (recommended for diabetics) and finally managed to get a taste of it after my 1st failed attempt.

    Hub happened to be around Joo Chiat area hence decided to purchase 2 pint (vanilla macadamia & choco mint) back for me to try it out. In my honest opinion, both flavour were lousy especially the vanilla macadamia which I could barely taste any vanilla. You need to eat it with full concentrate in order to taste a mild flavour of vanilla. This is a total failure in attempt to made vanailla macadamia in my own opinion. Choco Mint was sooo minty that you could not taste much chocolate at all.

    Hmmm...honestly, if one hv diabetics and was sooo wanting to hv an ice cream, my advice is to made your own thn to get this for bigger disappointment. I guess it is good that it is 1/3 of the calories thn normal ice cream, but 1/8 of the taste thn normal ice cream too.

    They are not usual fresh ingredient for flavouring and from what i knw, all or most are using ice cream syrup extract. Way too overpriced. 1 pint cost $11.50. I rather eat 1/3 of premium ice cream instead of eating inferior ice cream just because to save on calories.

    Certainly not recommended

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    2. A WASTED TRIP!!!! :(
      17 June, 2012
      My family & I was craving for ice cream lately & saw hungrygowhere review hence thought of checking this "sugarfree ice cream parlour" today as my boy been bugging at me abt wanting ice cream ...Read Full Review

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    • Food/Beverage: 6
    • Ambience: 4
    • Value: 7
    • Service: na
    19 March, 2012
    For more photos, please visit Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow.

    At my funeral, there will be no curry chicken. Everyone will eat my favorite food: ice cream. (Ice cream is also a happy food, and I want my friends to celebrate the glorious years I spend with them, not mourn.) By then, most of my friends will be old and diabetic, which is why Sugalight offers an excellent solution.

    The ice creams are made from xylitol, a natural sweetener found in corn, berries and mushroom. Xylitol is both suitable for children and adults because it prevents tooth decay and issuitable for diabetics by notcausing a spike in blood sugar, meaning insulin is not required.

    Not only so, Sugalight also receives a “Healthier Choice” from Health Promotion Board. Sugalight sent their ice cream for lab analysis and the calories and fat percentage of Sugalight’s ice creams are 1/3 of premium ice creams’. Sugalight’s ice cream is also 33 times lower in cholesterol because it doesn’t use dairy cream, sugar and egg yolks.

    The inspiration of the shop comes from the father of Elgin, a banker-turned-ice-cream-chef. Elgin’s diabetic dad loves ice cream, and there isn’t a shop that caters to his dad’s needs. You know Asians are repressed and don’t like to talk about their feelings but in a way, this is Elgin’s unspoken words of gratitude to his father through the ice cream shop.

    For the readers’ sake, I tried ALL the ice creams. Sigh, my sad life.

    Valhona Chocolate: made from 70% dark chocolate, it was rather bitter in a good way.

    Vanilla Macadamia:  Not much of an impression.

    Cookie Monster:  Otherwise known as Oreo cookies & cream. So-so.

    Cappuccino: The caffeine hits you overwhelmingly. If you like coffee, try this.

    Sea Salt Horlicks: Would have been an awesome flavor but it didn’t come on malt-y enough.

    Crumbly Strawberry:  Made from real strawberries, you can really taste the sour fruitiness. The cookie-like crumbs add a nice textural contrast.

    Mango Sorbet: tasted like mango ice.

    Italian Hazelnut: Not just any normal hazelnut. The Italian Hazelnut has a very woody flavor.

    Pulau Hitam: or also known as Or Bee Burr or black glutinous rice porridge. Ok, so-so.

    Strawberry: Crumbly Strawberry without the crumbs, not as interesting.

    Rocky Chocolate: A hybrid of Oreo cookies & cream but using chocolate ice cream. This would be a better choice for children than the Valhona chocolate because it is slightly sweeter.

    Ube-Yam: Yam imported from Philippines. Definitely not your cheap Marigold’s Yam ice cream and in fact, quite opposite from it. You can taste the yam-ness.

    Vanilla: Traditionally my favorite flavor, this one was nothing special.

    Green-Tea: very pure, very green-tea-bitterness. One of the purest green tea ice cream I have.

    Minty chocolate: A pleasant surprise that I liked this because I am a purist and I don’t like to mix mint and chocolate. But it was refreshing. It cleared up the nose like wasabi. Very cooling on a hot day.

    D24 Durian: Eating this is almost like eating pure durian.

    A single scoop costs $3, double $5, and three mini-scoops (as shown in the photo above)$4. Very reasonable pricing and more competitively priced than well-known ice cream shops.

    Because Sugalight aims for a healthy ice cream, what the ice creams lack in fullness and richness in taste, they make up for their robustness, bringing out the thing-ness in the thing, the yam-ness in yam, the greentea-ness in green tea and so on. A second strong point: Someone once told me that good quality ice creams don’t melt easily and this is true for Sugalight’s ice creams. In general, the ice creams are not at all sweet. Children will not like them particularly but adults may.  Because the ice creams are not sweet, the criteria to judge the top recommendations for the shop won’t be based on its balance of sweetness, but based more on the intensity of flavor. I recommend: Valhona chocolatecappucino,crumbly strawberryube-yamgreen teaminty chocolate and durian.

    The shop also sells sugar-free snacks such as chocolate and sweets.

    The shop decor is very simple. Just a counter to order. Currently there isn’t any table. I suggested to Elgin to put some for people to sit around. The corridor space can be used as al fresco area too. You know lah, Chinese very pan-tang (superstitious), got people sit around means got ren-qi (human spirit?) and ren-qi will attract more people.

    One other disadvantage of the shop is the location. However, circumventing the problem, there is home delivery. A pint costs $10.50. Orders of $50 and above, free delivery. If not, delivery charge of $10. Again, very reasonably priced.

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    • Food/Beverage: 8
    • Ambience: 6
    • Value: 8
    • Service: 8
    14 March, 2012
    Full picture post:


    Was invited for a taste drive on the different flavours of ice-cream over at Sugalight a few weeks back.

    Flavours: 20 and over different flavours, Highly recommended: D24 Durian, Strawberry Bliss, and cookie monster.

    Location: It will be best if you are able to drive, there's a open space carpark just right beside the cafe. If you lost you way still, check out FeiFei wanton noodle. The cafe is just along the street beside FeiFei.

    Value: 8/10. Because it's healthy for sure! Creamy like a tradtional ice cream texture yet low in carbs, fat and calories. Instead of ice-cream, Sugalight uses natural Xylitol as a sweeterner. It is also the perfect treat for urbanites, for people with diabetes as well as hyperactive kids.


    Wait not, head down this weekend to feel bliss and guilt FREE.


    Eileen Tang

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    • Food/Beverage: 7
    • Ambience: 6
    • Value: 7
    • Service: 8
    04 March, 2012
    Full review and photos:

    Sugalight Factory specialises in ice creams that are sugar-free low-fat. Most ice cream contains dairy cream, sugar and egg yolks. Sugalight uses none of this!

    Sugalight ice creams are made using a premium natural sweetener made from corn known as Xylitol. Some of us may have encountered Xylitol as it is frequently used in chewing gums as a sweetener. Xylitol is known to help prevent tooth decay, lower calories than sugar and does not contribute to high sugar levels. Hence, Sugalight's ice cream are diabetes friendly and for those who are healthy conscious.

    Sugalight ice cream comes in many flavours such as Rocky Chocolate, Plain Valrhona Chocolate, D24 Durian, Strawberry Bliss, Fat-Free Mango Sorbet, Bailey's Irish Cream, Cappuccino, Italian Hazelnut, Purple Yam - Ube, Pulut Hitam etc.

    Purple Yam - Ube made from purple yam specially imported from Philippines. I like yam ice cream and will frequently try out it out. Sugalight Factory's version is unique, it taste different and is more fragrant with hint of coconut.

    Cookie Monster, similar to Cookies & Cream ice cream. Generous amount of Oreo cookie chunks in the ice cream such that you re able to get a chunk with each spoonful.

    Plain Valrhona Chocolate ice cream is a must order if you are a chocolate lover. Thick, dark strong chocolate taste.

    Chocomint, mint ice cream with chocolate chips. Sugalight's version was just nice for both of us. The mint flavour was not overpowering with the generous amount of chocolate chips, this was refreshing!

    Pulut Hitam, Black Glutinous Rice dessert made into ice cream!'

    We were lucky to be able to try Sugalight's latest product; Root Beer FloatRoot Beer Float consists of sugar free root beer with ice cream! Yes, sugar free! We both like this! Brings back memories of the days when A&W was still in operating in Singapore! Now you can get your Root Beer Float at Sugalight!

    Besides selling these, Sugalight sells a whole range of sugar-free products such as chocolates, cookies, sweets, marshmallows etc.

    Only 1 box of sugar-free Root Beer ($18) left on the shelf. This is imported from USA.

    If 1 box of Root Beer is too many for you, you can buy just 1 can at $1.80. On such a hot and humid day, i wish I can grab one of these!

    If you are there, say hi to the bear sitting on the ledge. He is disgruntled from getting a sore bottom sitting there for so long without any salary. (as mentioned in Sugalight's facebook). Sugalight does corporate events and parties too. If you are thinking of getting ice creams for parties, this could be it.

    Currently, Sugalight is having a promotion for students. Students get to buy 1 single scoop of ice cream and get the other free. This is valid on weekdays from 12pm to 6pm. Students will need to show their student IDs.

    Sugalight also offers free delivery to your home or office for orders above $50. Each tub of ice cream retails for $10.50. If the order is less that $50, there will be an additional charge of $10.

    Besides those flavours mentioned above,we tried many other flavours of ice cream. Our top favourites will be the Purple Yam - Ube, Chocomint and Root Beer Float! We can now enjoy our ice cream and root beer guilt-free!

    Full review and photos: 

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    • K .
    • Recommend.
    • Food/Beverage: na
    • Ambience: na
    • Value: na
    • Service: na
    27 February, 2012
    Sugalight's sugar-free ice creams are made on-site and were the result of intensive in-house research and development.

    The conventional sugar is replaced by a natural premium sweetener called Xylitol.

    Xylitol has zero net carbs, prevents tooth decay and is the healthier choice even as a sweetener for your regular coffee and tea. According to Sugalight's staff, customers who are slightly diabetic have tried their ice-cream and apparently, it does not cause their blood glucose level to spike after consumption. Definitely an option for people watching their sugar in-take. Guilt-free ice cream!

    1) Cappuccino Icecream

    The icecream is smooth and yummy. It isn't too sweet and it's really ideal for people who think that most icecream out there are too sweet! My grandma is a little on the diabetic and high blood pressure side and she tries to refrain from too much sweet stuff. I brought home a tub of cappuccino icecream from Sugalight and she liked it! I've gotten her other premium ice-cream brands before but she always found them too sweet. This time, it suits her taste buds just fine.

    2) Strawberry Bliss

    X liked his strawberry icecream! You would expect ice-cream without the usual sugar to be a little on the tasteless side but no. On the contrary, the ice-cream has a rich strawberry flavour minus the sweet aftertaste.

    If you find Joo Chiat too far away for you, Sugalight offers free home delivery for orders above S$50 islandwide! They have been awarded the Health Promotion Board's Healthier Snack Symbol and they are currently in the process of obtaining the healthier choice logo for their ice-cream!

    Do head on down to Sugalight for healthy guilt-free icecream!

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    • Food/Beverage: 9
    • Ambience: 8
    • Value: 10
    • Service: 9
    23 February, 2012
    For the full review and pictures, visit The Cinnamon Sheep! :)

    Sugalight Factory
     is an 8-month old Ice Cream Palour at Joo Chiat which specializes in guilt-free Ice Creams.

    Firstly, instead of sugar – Eg. Glucose, Stevia, Corn syrup, Artificial sweeteners, Fructose – Sugalight Ice Creams are sweetened with premium natural sweeteners such as Malitol, a sugar alcohol, and Xylitol, a premium natural sweetener found in corn, berries, and mushroom. It is lower in calories than sugar, has zero net carbs, is a tooth decay preventative recommended by dentists, and does not cause dangerous spikes in diabetic blood glucose levels.

    Secondly, Sugalight Ice Creams contain prebiotic soluble fibers for optimal gut health.

    Thirdly, Sugalight Ice Creams are made without Cream, Gelatin, Maltodextrin (food additives), and Eggs.

    Lastly, all Sugalight Ice Creams are freshly churned on site to a proprietary recipe with the finest ingredientssuch as Valrhona Chocolate, Hazelnuts from Italy, highest quality New Zealand Milk, and premium Matcha from Japan.

    The result:

    1. Their Ice Creams contain less than half the calories of a traditional premium ice cream – about 110kcal/100g as compared to 270kcal/100g.

    2. They contain about 6.1% fat content as compared to 16%-20% of premium brands, but yet still maintaining the desired creaminess, and rich flavour.

    3. They are so low in carbs, that a big scoop of Sugalight Ice Cream has less cabers than a slice of wholemeal bread. :0 :0 :0

    4. Because they are egg-free, they are 33 times lower in cholesterol as compared to premium brand ice creams.

    Not surprisingly of course, Sugalight Ice Cream is awarded the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Snack Symbol (HSS) 

    So how did Sugalight Factory come about? Well entrepreneur and owner of Sugalight Factory Elgin Tan’s father lovessssssss ice cream. However, because he was diabetic, he could not consume the usual ice cream sold in the market. Thus, Elgin Tan decided to take a big jump and give up his career and become an Ice Cream Maker in hope to create guilt-less ice cream with his father in mind.

    There were more than 20 different Ice Cream flavors, ranging from the classic ones such as Valrhona Choc, Madgascan Vanilla and Cookie Monster, to more innovative ones such as Cappuccino, Purple Yam – Ube, and Crumbly Strawberry.

    While we were there, we tried Chocomint, Cookie Monster, Crumbly Strawberry, D24 Durian, Rocky Chocolate, Valrhona Choc, and Very Berry Drizzle.

    Our favorites were the Valrhona Choc, Very Berry Drizzle and Cookie Monster. Crumbly Strawberry was pretty interesting as there were bits of digestive biscuits in it. It is also made using sun ripened strawberries allowing a strong strawberry flavor. It almost seemed like a strawberry cheesecake! The Durian Ice Cream a mixture of D24 and Mao Shan Wang – by far the most famous and sought after Durian amongst Durian lovers – puree.  It definitely gave you the real durian taste and it was almost like eating the durian itself! For the Rocky Chocolate and Cookie Monster, each bite includes a mouthful of Oreo chunks. Definitely extremely generous  Overall, the texture of each ice cream was no doubt still creamy and smooth, but at the same time, the flavor was distinct, yet light and not overly sweet.

    Other than Ice Creams, Sugalight Factory also sell Sugarless, Low-Carb and Gluten-Free products such as different types of chocolate and sweets. We were definitely extremely tempted to buy a bar of Dark Chocolate, but thinking about the so many chocolates we have at home, we decided to give it a miss and get it next time so that we can enjoy it all on its own :p

    At only $3 per scoop, Sugalight is no doubt the perfect treat for urbanites looking for a guilt-free trip, people with diabetes, hyperactive kids, but of course not forgetting, ALL of us! What’s more, you can enjoy free delivery of 5 Ice Cream Tubs right at your doorstep with 1 Tub at only $10.50. 

    Being extremely reasonable + healthy + delicious (definitely not at the expense of taste and flavor), Sugalight is definitely the place to get your Ice Cream! 

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    • Food/Beverage: 7
    • Ambience: 7
    • Value: 6
    • Service: 7
    04 October, 2011
    Something that bothered diabetics was the things they had to give up. And ice cream is one them.

    You can now breathe a sigh of relief with the introduction of Sugalight - No Sugar Added Ice Cream. Sugalight contains Xylitol which provides a safe and sweet alternative for your health conscious customers needing to reduce or eliminate sugar in their diets.

    Yes, you heard me. There was no Aspartame, no Splenda, no Saccharine, and of course, no sugar in Sugalight Ice Cream. Xylitol is a premium natural sweetener found in corn. It is lower in calories than sugar and does not cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels. It has been used as a sweetener in chewing gum for nearly 40 years—and Xylitol is actually a tooth decay preventative, that has been recommended by many dentists.

    Sugalight’s Ice Cream comes in many flavors such as Cappuccino, Plain Valrhona Chocolate, Strawberry Bliss, Creamy Durian, Matcha Green Tea, Fat-free Mango Sorbet, Vanilla Macadamia, Jamaican Rum and Raisin, Baileys Irish Cream etc.

    Their yam flvour uses Ube Yam from Philippines. The purple yam is an earthly, healthy and delicious food that is known for its unique and interesting texture, and its beautiful color.

    The durian flavour is definitely worth trying! It is a mixture of D24 and Mao Shan Wang, not too overpowering but it does gives you the real durian taste.

    Because they taste good, people can improve the healthfulness of their diets without having to sacrifice the pleasure of eating sweet foods they enjoy!

    For more photos, please click here.

    Must tries: durian ice cream,italian hazelnut

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    •  Xylitol
    •  Durian Ice Cream
    •  Ube Yam Ice Cream
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