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californian sushi rolls


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    • Food/Beverage: 6
    • Ambience: 8
    • Value: 7
    • Service: 4
    21 August, 2012

    One of my favorite hangout places in Singapore, the grand Marina Bay Sands. It might seem a little pretentious to many Singaporeans, of which I’d understand, but well, it gives a good vibe – an away-for-a-holiday feeling. This literally lengthy shopping mall houses countless restaurants, from the far from affordable celebrity restaurants to the well-robbing-a-bank-still-works restaurants – one would be spoiled for choices here. This day that I was here, I gave HY California a try.

    I love the location of the restaurant, situated just by the bay, at the promenade. The best time of the day to be in the restaurant would be either early in the morning or in the evening. I would imagine the setting to be perfect, especially with the stunning skyline of the Central Business District of Singapore in sight. However, the satisfaction ends just about there.

    The Bento sets are pretty complete, I thought. Small dishes of appetizers, fruits, and soup. I love the Saba – soft and defined meat with a coat of slightly crispy skin. Even though it might not be the biggest piece, it was worth the slow savoring. The Ginger Pork slices started off outstanding, but as it started to turn cold, which did not take long, it became tough, dry and flavorless, to my surprise. After the experience, I thought there might be a chance of redemption – that maybe it just happens that there are some hits and some misses.

    But what eventually makes me decide not to patronize HY California is their service. So I’m not usually the kind who complains to the restaurant. And this time was no exception. But it so happened that things happened, and the service staff noticed there were ants crawling around. And yes – it was in the corners of the Bento Boxes served. My box alone had 4 of them, and my dining partner was a victim of it too. And I’m quit sure it’s not an isolated case. What throws me off is, even after acknowledging the problem, there were no signs of guilt, apology or meaning to compensate. Of course, I couldn’t be bothered, paid, and left, disgusted. It really wouldn’t have been so bad if the service staff didn’t know and it ended that way.

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    • Food/Beverage: 7
    • Ambience: 8
    • Value: 7
    • Service: 7
    11 March, 2012
    HY California, located near the giant Louis Vuitton store at MBS, has a great view. Looking out at the Singapore skyline, it’s hard not to be impressed. But that’s not to say that other restaurants in the area don’t have equally stunning views, and in this respect HY California (yes, HY stands for Hide Yamamoto) does better than the others by offering above decent food. as the name suggests, the menu is definitely not traditional Japanese, with items like California rolls made with cooked beef and other travesties. But most things are done well, with the fried chicken deserving special mention for a perfectly fried batter. In fact, I actually prefer this place to the actual Hide Yamamoto restaurant at MBS, just because of the friendlier prices and more relaxed vibe.

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    • Food/Beverage: 6
    • Ambience: 8
    • Value: 5
    • Service: 6
    19 January, 2012
    HY California is a good place for a light meal and great ambience.  Very relaxed and almost romantic vibe to the place.  Dishes were pleasant, but I guess I had not found anything worth raving about.  I don't mind coming back and hopefully try out other more interesting finds in their menu.

    For photos and details of what I ordered, click on the link below:


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    • Hoongy !
    • Not Sure.
    • I spent about S$57 Per Person
    • Food/Beverage: 6
    • Ambience: 6
    • Value: 5
    • Service: 6
    18 January, 2012
    Recently opened on the outskirts, this open air diner serves California inspired Japanese food served by famed Japanese chef Hide Yamamoto.

    At a recent visit, I started with the Singa Roll, a creative rice wrapped sweet flavoured fish roll and the Spicy Tuna Roll - something I am more used to having. The good thing about this place is that you can buy the different varieties of rolls in small portions so that you can have variety.

    I then tried the Seafood Tempura, consisting of prawns, fish and vegetables. The items are fresh but portions are small.

    I also tried some of the Crispy Chicken as a main course, which was juicy with a nice crispy finish.

    Good quality meat was also seen in the Rib-Eye, which had a good level of juices in the medium rare piece of beef.

    Overall, the traditional cooked food was quite good, but prices are also rather high for a casual diner so be prepared to pay. Service is what one would expect from a casual fast food diner.

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    • SlimFit
    • Not Sure.
    • I spent about S$37 Per Person
    • Food/Beverage: 5
    • Ambience: 8
    • Value: 5
    • Service: 7
    18 December, 2011
    I was lucky to bump into the man himself...Chef Hide Yamamoto when I visited HY California.  This is a very casual place overlooking the MBS Museum and the LV Maison and Singapore skyline.  They were hosting a media event the day we visited so we sat on the sofa seat right in the middle of the house.  After sitting there for 2 mins, one will start to wish that he/she have brought along the sunnies.  You can opt to sit at the counter on bar stools as well.

    They have a selection of modern fusion creations and serve mainly sushi.  My lunch kakis and I ordered 2 Sushi Set ($28 each) and 1 Bento Box ($24).

    The sushi were well-made with fresh ingredients.  Each set consists of a variety (as in my picture) with 2 side dishes of simmered vegetables and chopped salmon.  It also came with miso soup, which was a tad too heavily seasoned.

    The Bento Set seem like a better deal with Kailan Egg Soup.  Yes, you read me right but they are supposed to be fusion remember?  The set also comprises of mixed tempura, minced beef pattie (they call hamburger) and spicy tuna Chirashi.  According to our server, one can ask for a chicken pattie if you do not eat beef.

    According to my lunch kaki, the sauce smeared on the tuna Chirashi is way too spicy and tasted very much like kimchi sauce, overpowering the tuna.  She hardly touched it so I guessed it was a case of bad fusion??

    Both sets came with mini cakes that looked too pretty to be eaten.  They were cream cakes though so the health conscious may find them hard to enjoy.  I chomped them down anyway.  Although unhealthy, they reminded me too much of the cakes I had as a little girl....so I had them for old time sake :P

    Hot green tea are $5 each mug and NOT refillable.  We had the most

    friendly server in the house, thus we had the opportunity to enjoy really great


    Food here is just average.  Sadly, that made me begin to believe that it was a trait of Hide's outlets.  I had previously visited Hide Yamamoto on the Casino level and did not think much of it either.  That said, HY California was a great place to chill at lunch hour given it's relaxed ambience.

    My favourite item in the house would be the very unexpected Batman painting on the wall and the very Japanese feel cherry-wood cabinet that lends a very cosy touch to HY....oh oh oh... and not forgetting the cute Japanese Chef whom I heard from

    our server has some serious fans.  Conclusion is Hide's outlets are more for eye candies rather than tummy happiness.

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    •  From our seat in HYC
    •  HYC's Bar
    •  HYC
    •  Batman
    •  Miso Soup
    •  Bento Set
    •  Petite Cream Cakes
    •  Sushi Set
HY California (Marina Bay Sands)
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