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Message from the management

The first Gloria Jean’s Coffee outlet in Cambodia opened in April 2010 in the busy area of Boeung
Keng Kang 1. Located in the heart of NGO district a few minutes away from Sihanouk Boulevard and its trendy shops, our first coffee house has quickly become a favourite destination to enjoy a great cup of coffee to start the day, to catch up with some friends or to simply wind down and chill out.

At Gloria Jean’s Coffee, we simply want our guests to be relaxed and to enjoy our wide drink selection prepared by our experienced baristas. We pride ourselves on the vibrant atmosphere, super friendly staff (we remember our regulars by names and their favourite drinks too!) and of course our great tasting speciality coffee and baked goodies.


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    11 April, 2012
    gloria jean's, spinelli, brown, nom, namu - i tried it all and so far i keep coming back to gloria jean's to enjoy good coffee, great ambience where i can chill, meet some friends, do some work.

    coffee & food there is probably the most expensive but it is worth paying 10-20 cent more. am a massive fan for coffee. strong and consistent. you can add some caramel sauce, chocolate sprinkles, syrup etc by yourself at the coffee counter. food, must admit, perhaps not the best and very expensive for what it is with exception to their english muffins which are good and reasonable though (not many places do it in town).

    ambience & service, they know what they are doing. staff is very professional. they remember your drinks if you are there often enough. i also love the fact that every now and then staff will bring the sample of new drinks for every table to try - it is just a nice touch. music playlist has some varieties and up-to-date (a lot of other places just ignore this detail. whether you are in there for few minutes or staying for half an hour, whatever you hear is important. i meant it is dull that some cafes forgot to delete christmas song from their playlist in april!).


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      Hungrygowhere 885 Thank you. Passed on your review already.
      12 April 2012 10:43
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Gloria Jean's (BKK1)
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