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    • Cambodiaguy
    • Recommend.
    • I spent about USD10 Per Person
    • Food/Beverage: 10
    • Ambience: 10
    • Value: 10
    • Service: 10
    11 October, 2013
    Digby's has some of the best food in Phnon Penh.  Make sure you get their sausage platter or their steak (probably the best steak in Phnom Penh).  The restaurant has a great atmosphere (unlike anywhere else in town) and great service.  Great for a meal or just a coffee after work.

    1. Hungrygowhere 885 if you put straight 10 in all categories, we'd better get ourselves there to try soon.
      15 October 2013 11:57
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Digby's Grocer Cafe
100% Recommended
1 vote
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